Man accused of molesting child

A local man faces charges after allegedly indecently assaulting a 4-year-old girl; the daughter of friends who had given him a place to stay.

Steven Dean Greniger Jr., 32, of Williamsport, faces one misdemeanor charge for indecently assaulting a person less than 13 years old and one summary harassment violation.

According to court records, the mother of the victim contacted police on Jan 26 to report that she feared her daughter had been assaulted by Greniger while she and her husband were at the store.

Greniger and a friend stayed with her family for several weeks, the woman explained. On Jan. 25, their three children were left in the care of their grandmother, who also lived in the residence.

The grandmother told police that on Jan. 25, she had come downstairs and heard the 4 year old girl yelling, “Stop it, leave me alone!” She thought that the children were being too rough with one another, and went to check on them in the room where they were playing, records state.

When she opened the door she allegedly discovered Greniger laying on a bed, with the victim laying face-down on top of him. Greniger was allegedly observed to be touching the victim inappropriately, according to court record.

The grandmother immediately took the child away from Greniger and began to yell at him.

Eventually, Greniger and his friend left the residence, according to the affidavit.

A victim’s advocate from the Geisinger Children’s Advocacy Center assisted police during their inteview with the victim on Feb. 5.

Greniger met with state police on Feb. 26. During his interview, Greniger denied any inappropriate actions towards the young girl, according to reports.

Greniger will face an arraignment before District Judge James H. Sortman on May 15.