Police: Accused thief, drug buyers complain to cops when forged checks bounce

One man, and possibly two other people, faces charges after allegedly attempting to cash forged checks, and then contacting police to complain when the checks bounced.

James David Thompson, 67, of 2701 Lycoming Creek Road, faces two counts each of conspiracy forgery, theft, receiving stolen property and writing bad checks.

Thompson contacted authorities on Nov. 28 to report that two checks written to him from Richard Trinca Jr. had been returned due to insufficient funds. On Nov. 7, Thompson tried to cash a check for $140 and, on Nov. 8, he tried to cash a check for $70.

Thompson told authorities he did not know Trinca but received the checks in the mail and endorsed them because they were made out to him. Later, he told police that his girlfriend, Danielle Baker, had told him the checks came from Mary Mabry.

Officers interviewed Mabry on April 18 at the Lycoming County Prison. She allegedly admitted that she wrote the checks out to Thompson and signed Trinca’s name, according to court records. Mabry allegedly admitted that she had gone to a State College residence to purchase heroin. While there, she found Trinca’s checkbook and stole five or six checks, records state.

In early February, Mabry had been staying with Baker and Thompson, according to the affidavit. Mabry said she wrote the checks out to Thompson because he had a bank account and would be able to cash them. The group then used the money to purchase heroin, records state.

Mabry and Baker are expected to face similar charges, according to court records.

Thompson was arraigned before District Judge Jon E. Kemp on May 9 and was released on $16,000 bail.