Police: Remains of meth lab found along Old Lycoming Township road

The remains of a discarded methamphetamine lab, found alongside the road in Old Lycoming Township, have authorities searching for leads.

Members of the Old Lycoming Township Police Department and state police are seeking the public’s help to locate those responsible for dumping the remains of a methamphetamine lab in a wooded area along the side of Hoagland’s Run Road.

On Tuesday, authorities received information about a suspicious backpack and possible drug paraphernalia discarded along the road. Following an investigation, authorities determined that the items likely were the discarded remains of a methamphetamine manufacturing lab.

The chemicals, tools and manufacturing processes used to create the narcotic are notoriously toxic and highly dangerous. Specialists from the state police were called in to properly collect the evidence and clean up the area.

Anyone with information concerning methamphetamine manufacturing or dumping may call Old Lycoming Township Police at 329-4060.