Drugs get South Side woman state prison time

A South Williamsport woman will be spending the next two-and-a-half to five years in state prison, after she repeatedly was arrested and found in violation of her probation for drug use.

Judge Marc Lovecchio sentenced Eva Lattieri, 31, Monday for violating the terms of her probation, which she received after her sentencing for a DUI in April 2012.

Lattieri was last arrested in April 2013 during a county drug task force sting on the Kaba Resort and Night Club in South Williamsport. At that time, the county adult probation office had a warrant out for her arrest.

At Lattieri’s sentencing hearing, Lovecchio summarized a letter from her to the court.

“She’s hoping to get house arrest until her baby’s born. She’s asking for a second chance to be the woman she knows she can be. She’s the primary caretaker for her son, who has cystic fibrosis, and her sick mother.”

Lattieri is six months pregnant, and her mother is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for leukemia. She asked her family and the court for forgiveness, and asked Lovecchio for leniency.

“I know I messed up a couple times, but . . .,” she said.

“Let me ask you about that. You want a second chance. Isn’t this about your 10th chance?” Lovecchio asked. “After you were sentenced, it was 16 days before you were out and caught using. You had new charges in less than three weeks. Then you relapsed on Xanax in nine days. You got 90 days, that was a fourth chance, then you tested positive for cocaine, positive for opiates … What am I missing here?”

“This was me not working on my recovery and staying on my old life,” Lattieri said. “I can’t change it. I can just fix it. I held onto my old life, the life of running and stuff.”

Adult probation officer James Schriner requested 18 months to five years of incarceration time for Lattieri’s violations. The Commonwealth requested nine months to three years on new charges of furnishing a false urine sample and tampering with evidence.

“Clearly Ms. Lattieri has exhausted what opportunities and services the county can provide to her,” District Attorney Eric Linhardt said.

Lovecchio decided to sentence Lattieri on her probation violation, and add three years of state probation time for the tampering and furnishing charges.

“If I do not sentence you to state prison I am absolutely convinced you will end up dead, in a far worse situation,” Lovecchio said.

“With escalating consequences, escalating sanctions you not only continued to use but your conduct got worse – imposing a state sentence is not only recognizing the failure of what we have in the county to help you, but also recognizing your failure to take advantage of what we have.”