Details on prank calls to state prison emerge

MUNCY – The 25-year-old Philadelphia woman charged this week with making hundreds of prank calls to the state Correctional Institution at Muncy on her cellphone did not make the calls from the prison as was incorrectly reported in Tuesday’s Sun-Gazette.

“We do not allow inmates, visitors or our staff to have cellphones on the prison grounds at anytime,” Lesley Lucas, the prison superintendent’s assistant, said Thursday afternoon.

A state police criminal complaint charging Perrice Goodlett with misdemeanor harassment for allegedly placing hundreds of calls to the prison on Route 405 listed the jail as the woman’s address.

An affidavit with the complaint also said that 901 prank calls made to the prison’s switchboard between early November 2011 and mid-March last year were traced back to a cellphone number that was “listed on an inmate’s phone list,” police said.

When a trooper called the number, it went automatically to voicemail, “which indicated the name ‘Perrice Goodlett,’ ” police said.

However, during the time the prank calls were made, Goodlett was not even an inmate at Muncy or any other state correctional institution in the commonwealth, Lucas said.

Goodlett was not committed to SCI Muncy until late November 2012 when she began serving a one- to three-year state prison sentence following a conviction of aggravated assault in Philadelphia, Lucas said.

It appears that the prank calls were made from some unknown location in the Philadelphia area, police said.

While Goodlett has admitted to making 400 nuisance calls to the prison because she was “bored and lonely,” police said they believe the actual number of calls was about 900.

Lucas said the ban on cellphones at the prison has been in effect for several years. Cellphones are considered contraband, she added.

In the event an inmate is discovered to have a cellphone on them, the phone will be seized immediately and the inmate will face possible disciplinary action, Lucas said.