Inappropriate touch of child gets city man 1-year jail time

A Williamsport man will spend a year in county prison for asking a 9-year-old girl to pull up her shirt.

Kirk Paylor, 49, pleaded no contest on April 1 to charges of corruption of minors for two separate incidents last November and December when he asked a girl that he knew to show him her breasts, offering candy and $10 for the act. The second time, she complied and he attempted to touch her breasts.

Lycoming County Judge Marc Lovecchio had the option of sentencing Paylor to one to 12 months in county jail, within the standard range.

Paylor has been incarcerated since Jan. 25, when he was arrested in Maryland, and will receive credit for that time served.

Assistant District Attorney Nicole Ippolito argued that since an assessment by the state Sexual Offenders Assessment Board found that “no condition overrode (Paylor’s) emotional and volitional control,” Paylor “chose to do this. He needs to feel the full force of punishment for this and maybe he’ll remember the next time this is not acceptable.”

Defense attorney Kathryn Bellfy argued that her client “did take responsibility for his actions and he didn’t remember doing it,” but Paylor did not contest the charges because “he didn’t want this girl to deal with the stress of testifying.”

“I always find this interesting, that ‘no condition overrode his emotional or volitional control’ – he wasn’t suffering anything like a drug condition,” Lovecchio said. “He said he didn’t recall committing the offense, and he was on medication at the time.”

“I’ve not had run-ins with the law, as you know,” Paylor told the judge, “and I’m not a threat to anyone. I want to fix the things I can fix and be a respectable, decent person in society.”

“I have no doubt you are sincere,” Lovecchio said. “I’m going to sentence you to the upper end of that range, and I’m going to tell you why – it’s the nature of the offense. I just can’t diminish the seriousness of the offense by giving you something less.”