Police: Inmate made prank calls to prison switchboard

MUNCY – An inmate at the state Correctional Institution here has been charged with making hundreds of prank telephone calls with her cellphone to the prison’s switchboard while on the prison’s grounds, according to state police.

Claiming she was “bored and lonely,” Perrice Goodlett, 25, admitted to making 400 calls, but investigators believe the more accurate number is in excess of 900, police said.

“The calls came in on a daily basis. Some days 100 calls (were received at the prison) in a single day,” Trooper Matthew Sweet wrote in an affidavit.

The calls took place between early November 2011 and mid-March last year, and they took many forms, including “silence, heavy breathing, laughing, yelling profanities, and music,” before she hung up, Sweet said.

With the help of the telephone company, investigators traced the calls back to a cellphone that they determined Goodlett was using at the prison.

Efforts to get information from prison officials on Tuesday on why Goodlett, of Philadelphia, was incarcerated at the facility were unsuccessful. It was unknown if she was serving a sentence or was jailed on a parole violation.

It also was unknown if prison policy allows inmates to have such telephones in their cells.

Charged with misdemeanor harassment, Goodlett has been ordered to appear for a preliminary hearing before District Judge Jon E. Kemp.