Police: man crashed stolen car while drunk

JERSEY SHORE – A Muncy man faces charges after allegedly stealing a car outside a local bar and crashing it into another parked vehicle. Authorities say the alleged thief was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Doyle C. Wallis, 43, of 799 Susquehanna Trail Road, faces felony charges of theft and receiving stolen property, as well as a single misdemeanor charge for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

State police were dispatched on July 6 for a crash at the intersection of Water and South Market streets in Muncy. Witnesses said the driver, a man wearing a dark baseball hat, black framed glasses, a black t-shirt and blue jean shorts, who was carrying a stick, had fled from the scene shortly after the crash. He was last seen headed towards Market Street, according to police.

Later, Bryan Jones notified police that his vehicle, a Chevrolet Cavalier, had been stolen from the parking lot of Tommy’s Sports Bar, located at 308 North Main Street in Muncy. Police met with Jones and took him to the crash scene, where he was able to identify his vehicle. After asking him a few questions, police were able to rule Jones out as a suspect, reports say.

Jones recalled that Wallis, a co-worker of his, had been in an argument with another patron earlier in the bar. Jones said that Wallis had asked to use his phone and then left the bar about 45 minutes before Jones noticed that his car was missing, according to court records.

Authorities went to Wallis’s residence, where they met with his mother. She took him to Wallis’s basement room, where authorities found a pool stick laying on a couch. They also discovered several dark baseball hats in the room, records state.

Wallis, who was sleeping, was wearing a black t-shirt, light blue jean shorts, and blue sneakers. His black framed glasses were lying on the bed next to him, and authorities noted that he had a fresh red bruise and dry blood on his right knee, according to reports.

When police woke Wallis up, he displayed signs of intoxication. His eyes were glassy and blood shot and his speech was “extremely slurred,” according to police.

Authorities were able to identify Wallis from parking lot surveillance footage from outside the sports bar. The footage showed Wallis leaving the bar alone and walking on foot ast the white Chevy, which was parked facing south. The footage shows that the break lights and headlights flashed on and off a short time later, and then the car drove away from the parking lot.

According to authorities, the Chevy was travelling on West Water Street and had attempted to turn south onto Market Street. The vehicle crashed with a pickup truck which was legally parked alongside the road.

Wallis was arraigned by Judge Jerry C. Lepley at 7 p.m. On July 6. He is incarcerated in lieu of $25,000 bail.