Police: Parents shoot heroin, drive with kids

A Montour County couple face charges for allegedly driving around with their children while under the influence of heroin, according to Old Lycoming Township Detective Sgt. Christopher Kriner.

Joey Allen Aikey, 31, and his girlfriend, Samantha Bardo, 25, a passenger in his Mercury Sable, have been charged with possession of heroin, endangering the welfare of children, corrupting the morals of minor and possession of drug paraphernalia.

After purchasing heroin from a man, Aikey and Bardo, both of Danville, and the dealer “all used the heroin while inside the vehicle with the couple’s two children, ages 2 and 3,” Kriner said.

After the dealer got out of the vehicle, Aikey was seen driving in the 2700 block of Bottle Run Road, police said. Township officers stopped the car on Interstate 180, near the Route 15 interchange, just outside the township about 8 p.m. June 7.

“The officers believed that the driver had been involved in some kind of drug activity,” Kriner said Wednesday. He did not elaborate.

The officers’ suspicions were correct.

“Aikey displayed signs of impairment, including drowsiness, droopy eyelids and constricted pupils. Aikey’s movements were slow,” Kriner said in an affidavit.

“Aikey admitted that he had recently purchased heroin and had already injected the drug before being stopped by police,” Kriner said.

Both Aikey and Bardo appeared to be “under the influence of heroin to the degree that they could not care for their two children,” Kriner said.

Bardo told police that the needle she, Aikey and the drug dealer “used to inject heroin was in a diaper bag” in the car, Kriner said.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers searched the car and found “a metal spoon with white powdery residue and a hypodermic needle wrapped in a paper towel inside a diaper bag that was on floor,” Kriner said.

“The residue tested positive for heroin,” he added.

A family member came to the scene and took custody of the two children while Aikey was taken to the county’s DUI center, where he agreed to undergo a drug test, Kriner said. The test revealed Aikey was under the influence of a controlled substance. He faces an additional charge of driving under the influence of heroin, Kriner said.

The county Department of Children and Youth Department was contacted and also is investigating the case. Aikey and Bardo have been sent summonses to appear before District Judge James H. Sortman.