Police: Son ‘sucker punched’ father

What began as a fight over yard grass turned violent when a father and son argument went too far Friday.

Now, the son faces charges, and his father is recovering from his wounds, police said.

Donald K. Wright, 50, of 258 Kuhns Road in Montoursville, has been charged with simple assault and harassment by state police after allegedly assaulting his father, whose age was not in the affidavit.

Kenneth Wright, Donald’s father, called police after seeking medical treatment for his injuries on Monday. He told officers that he had suffered a continuous headache since the incident took place. He also had bruising and swelling around both of his eyes, a broken nose and a scabbed and bloodied lip, according to court records.

Kenneth said he was mowing his grass on Friday when he noticed his son was spraying grass killer near the fence which separates their properties.

He allegedly noticed that the grass killer was landing on his own lawn, and confronted his son about it.

When he did so, Donald allegedly responded that his father had “killed his grass as well.”

The argument allegedly became heated. Kenneth admitted to police that he had swung at his son at least one time. However, Donald retaliated by allegedly punching his father in the face, according to the affidavit.

Kenneth said that the force of the punch sent him backwards allegedly trapping him between the fence and a tractor. While he was pinned, Donald allegedly continued to punch Kenneth several times, according to court record.

JoAnn Ruth Wright, Donald’s mother and Kenneth’s wife, was able to corroborate Kenneth’s account.

The son was arraigned before District Judge Jerry C. Lepley and has been released on $25,000 bail.