Police stopped heroin deal

Williamsport police managed to stop a drug deal halfway through, and now one alleged dealer is incarcerated, according to court record.

Shareaf Williams, 19, of 4217 W. Girard St. in Philadelphia, has been charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute, criminal use of a cellphone and possession of a controlled substance.

On July 14, police stopped a silver Chrysler Sebring in the 600 block of Seventh Avenue in the city. The driver of the vehicle identified himself as Williams and his front seat passenger was identified as Brandon Warner.

Warner allegedly told police that he had met with Williams to purchase three bags of heroin from him, but said that police had intervened before they were able to complete the transaction, records state.

Warner said he had called Williams and arranged heroin purchases several times in the last month, according to police.

Williams was taken into custody. As authorities searched him, they allegedly uncovered three small clear plastic zip lock baggies, which each contained one blue wax baggie filled with heroin. The baggies were found in Williams’ underwear, according to court record.

Williams was arraigned by District Judge Jon Kemp on July 14. He currently is incarcerated in lieu of $200,000 bail.