4 people sentenced

WELLSBORO Four people were sentenced Monday in Tioga County Court.

According to court documents, sentenced to Tioga County Prison were:

Mark N. Slocum, 24 months intermediate punishment for simple assault, six months in jail, probation, $200 fine; four to 12 months in jail for bad checks, 75 days credit time served, $100 fine and $267 restitution to Big M Market; six months probation for drunken driving, $300 fine and 12 months driver’s license suspension; 12 months probation, $2,000 fine and restitution for two Protection From Abuse violations, all concurrent.

Barbara A. Landauer, 51, of Stevens, five years intermediate punishment for driving under the influence of intoxicants, 90 days in jail on work release, last 30 days on electronic monitoring, probation, $1,500 fine and 18 months driver’s license suspension.

Sentenced to probation was:

Todd M.West, 18, of Corning, N.Y., 12 months probation for defiant trespass, $75 fine, $10 restitution.

Sentenced to Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition was:

Shanna L. Sabol, 35, of Tioga, 12 months probation for food stamp fraud plus $2,440 restitution.