Homeless man, high on paint fumes and running in traffic, is incarcerated

A homeless man who became intoxicated by inhaling paint fumes has been arrested after running in and out of traffic on a busy Interstate 180 off ramp, according to city police.

Kavin Larue Hamilton, 51, “extremely alarmed” motorists by running in the roadway of the Maynard Street off-ramp of Interstate 180 East about 7:50 p.m. on Aug. 7, police said.

When police arrived, Hamilton was “standing in the middle of the off-ramp in a confused state of mind,” an officer wrote in an affidavit.

“He was shirtless and covered in mud, grass and light blue paint,” the officer said.

Hamilton just “mumbled a series of jumbled words,” the officer said. It became evident that Hamilton had “inhaled paint fumes and vapors, causing him to be extremely inebriated. He wandered into traffic on a busy off-ramp,” the officer said.

Hamilton was taken before District Judge Gary A. Whiteman, who declared him unfit for arraignment and ordered him to be committed to the Lycoming County Prison. He was arraigned the following day on charges of illegal use of solvents and disorderly conduct, and recommitted to the jail, where he remained Tuesday night.