Police: Man attempted to shake down woman over misplaced cellphone

After finding Alisha Bacon’s cellphone in the neighborhood of Eldred and Baldwin streets on June 3, 30-year-old Gregory Charles Georgeson refused to return it to her unless she paid him $40, city police alleged in an affidavit.

Bacon, who misplaced the cellphone earlier in the day after she absentmindedly left it on her car’s roof, agree to meet with Georgeson and handed him $17 at Market and Eldred streets later that night.

What Georgeson did not know was that Bacon had notified police about the incident, telling them that a man had her cellphone and was demanding money in order to get it back.

Soon after Bacon handed over the money, Georgeson, of 1148 1/2 Market St., was questioned by police. He has since been arraigned before District Judge Allen P. Page III on charges of theft, receiving stolen property and possession of prohibitive offensive weapons. The last charge stems from him allegedly having an automatic knife and metal knuckles, police said.

Initially committed to the Lycoming County Prison, Georgeson is free on $7,500 bail. He recently waived his preliminary hearing.