Police: Man with illegal knife steals medication

Tyler Scott Hamm, 19, of 608 Third Ave., has been charged with one misdemeanor count for an illegal folding knife, one for possession of paraphernalia, and one summary count for retail theft.

Around 7 p.m. on Aug. 17, patrol officers noticed a man standing alone near the pay phone of the CVS pharmacy located at 1918 Lycoming Creek Road in Old Lycoming Township. Suspicious, officers drove over to ask the man what he was doing.

The man, later identified as Hamm, approached the cruiser before police stopped. Hamm explained that he was waiting for his cousin, who was shopping at Weis Markets nearby. Police asked Hamm why he was standing in front of a closed drug store instead of near Weis Markets, and Hamm allegedly responded that he thought it was suspicious for him to be standing beside a locked vehicle.

“I explained that [was] not as suspicious as him standing next to a closed drug store,” the officer wrote in the affidavit.

Police then inquired about his cousin’s car, which Hamm said was a blue Chevrolet Blazer.

Suddenly, officers heard what sounded like a crash take place across the street. Police watched as a blue Blazer pulled off the curb area of the Susquehanna Bank. The vehicle originally had hit an area of the bank’s drive-thru lane, according to court records.

Officers let Hamm go and went to help out the driver, who turned out to be Justin Simon, Hamm’s cousin.

Police asked what Simon knew about Hamm, and he allegedly responded. “He is my cousin, I am on probation and did not want to get into trouble for what he did.”

Simon went on to explain that Hamm had wanted to steal Mucinex from Weis Markets. Simon told police he did not want trouble, and that was why the pair had separated.

Hamm walked over to the vehicle while police were speaking with Simon. After obtaining permission from Simon, officers searched through his vehicle. They also patted both men down for weapons, according to police.

Police discovered an alleged pipe used for smoking marijuana, a dual blade folding knife, and three bubble packs of Mucinex in Hamm’s pocket, records state.

Hamm later was released. He will face a preliminary hearing before District Judge James Sortman on Sept. 18.