Judge throws out theft charges

With no state trooper or a victim appearing for a preliminary hearing, District Judge Jerry C. Lepley threw out charges of access device fraud and theft against Adam Lee Fisher, 36, of 314 Locust St.

Police had charged the man with allegedly stealing his mother’s credit card from her purse at her home in the 1600 block of Pine Run Road in Woodward Township and using the card to buy $20 worth of gas on July 6. The victim in the case was Pamela Sue Ruch, according to court records.

In another case, Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police dropped charges of theft and access device fraud against 36-year-old Charity A. Leon, of 1226 Allegheny St., after the alleged victim in this case, her brother, Dracy Bilby, refused to testify.

Police had charged her with allegedly making two illegal withdrawals from her brother’s bank account in early July.