Suspected bank robber in custody

JERSEY SHORE – The man suspected of robbing the Woodlands Bank on Allegheny Street last week has been arrested in Daughin County on charges of committing a holdup at a credit union near Harrisburg, according to Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Chief Shawn Hummer.

An arrest warrant filed by local police has charged Jason Butler with robbing a clerk at the Woodlands Bank, 1146 Allegheny St on the afternoon of Sept. 9, Hummer said.

Butler, of State College, was arrested Monday by state police following a high-speed pursuit in a taxi that he had stolen, Hummer said he was told.

Butler was nabbed in the Liverpool area on Route 15 shortly after allegedly robbing a clerk a Belco Community Credit Union branch outside Harrisburg, Hummer said.

Butler fled the credit union in a taxi only to get out of this vehicle and get into a second cab, which he ended up carjacking, Hummer said.

Police were pursuing the second cab when the driver pulled over, Hummer said. Butler allegedly forced the driver out and then sped away with the cab until he was caught near Liverpool.

Charged and jailed on robbing the credit union, Butler has been incarcerated in the Daughin County Prison. He will be brought here at a later date to be arraigned on charges of robbing the Woodlands Bank at 1146 Allegheny St.

Hummer said his department filed a warrant for Butler’s arrest three days after the robbery.

Members of the public and other law enforcement agencies recognized Butler soon after police released to the media a photo taken of the robber by a security camera.