Trucks allegedly taken on joyrides

WELLSBORO – Donald L. Paul, 50, of 2268 Locey Creek Road, Knoxville, was charged by state police with unauthorized use of motor vehicles while the owner was out of town recently.

According to documents filed at District Judge Rob Repard’s office, Paul was renting the basement of Henry Wood at Wood’s residence in Chatham Township between Dec 18 and May 4, and had an agreement with Wood to keep the driveway plowed of snow as needed using one of his tractors and, occasionally, start his two trucks to keep the batteries from going dead, while Wood was in Florida for the winter.

But Paul allegedly was using one of the trucks when Wood returned to his residence, police said.

Wood said he found that Paul had put 1,213 miles on one truck and about 251 miles on the other as well as damaged the front bumper of one of the trucks.

Wood said Paul agreed to reimburse him but never did.

He was issued a summons to appear Oct. 29.