Man accused of tackling pregnant daughter

ELKLAND – Michael A. Childers, 35, of 20 St. James St., Apt. 2, Lawrenceville was charged by Lawrenceville police with aggravated assault, aggravated assault of unborn child and simple assault recently.

According to documents filed at District Judge Brian Edgcomb’s office, police were dispatched on a report of Childers pulling a female back into the residence on Oct. 4.

Police said they heard a loud argument going on inside and as they entered they found the female victim, who was six months pregnant, who said he had gotten into an argument with her father that it had turned physical and she had locked herself in the bathroom,

Police said he “busted through the door” and she ran out and tried to go downstairs but he blocked her path.

She pushed him out of the way and headed down the steps when he launched himself from the top of the stairs and tackled her about seven steps from the bottom of the landing, tumbling down the stairs and knocking her through drywall.

He then grabbed her arms kept her from leaving and pushed her into a wall, grabbing her mouth with his hands so she could not breathe.

Childers was placed in handcuffs and jailed in lieu of $50,000 bail and his preliminary hearing set for today.