Man charged after crash

ELKLAND – Michael J. Kobrick, 53, of Jermyn, was charged by state police with resisting arrest, harassment, and driving under the influence of intoxicants after he crashed his car on Pleasant Valley Road, Farmington Township Sept. 14.

According to documents filed at District Judge Brian Edgcomb’s office, he told police he hated them and refused to submit to sobriety testing.

He also refused to allow officers to handcuff him by not moving his arms and refused to listen to commands while lying on the ground on his stomach, police said.

He then said he was going to defecate in his pants. He refused to walk and had to be carried to the cruiser. He then spat on the trooper’s face from the back seat.

Once at the Wellsboro hospital he refused to get out of the car, and refused to allow his blood to be drawn.

He initially was jailed in lieu of $26,000 but was released after posting a decreased bail of $10,000 and his preliminary hearing set for Oct. 24.