Police: Former Lycoming Creek Road man allegedly swipes bank cards, withdraws money

Police say a local man stole bank cards from two of his friends and withdrew about $500 from their bank accounts.

Sean David Beam, 31, whose last known address was 3417 Lycoming Creek Road, Room 7, has been charged with unauthorized use of a cellphone, theft and receiving stolen property.

Krystle J. Richardson and Caleb Hillman arrived at the Old Lycoming Police department on Sept 6, to report several unauthorized cash withdraws from their bank accounts. According to court records, both suspected that Beam had stolen their bank cards.

Richardson told police that she had received a text message from Beam earlier in the day, asking if she was around. She responded that she was but was about to leave the house. She then told police that she allegedly heard what she thought was her car door closing, and admitted that the vehicle parked in her driveway had been left unlocked.

As Richardson and Hillman left the house, they allegedly saw Beam standing near the end of their driveway. They gave him a ride to a local grocery store, where they dropped him off and continued on their way, according to court record.

When the pair arrived home later, Richardson realized that both her and Hillman’s credit and debit cards had been stolen from the unlocked vehicle, records state. Richardson immediately contacted her bank and learned that several unauthorized cash withdraws had been made at about 11 a.m. from an ATM machine inside a restaurant near the market where they had left Beam earlier, according to police.

Police later reviewed security footage from the ATM. According to the affidavit, the footage shows Beam make several cash withdraws. In total, he allegedly removed about $500 from their accounts.

Richardson also allegedly admitted that Beam is her and Hillman’s friend and had been present during an earlier conversation when Richardson had told Hillman her card’s PIN number.

Beam was arraigned before District Judge James H. Sortman on Wednesday. He is incarcerated in lieu of $50,000 bail.