South Side man allegedly attempts to abduct ex-girlfriend

A South Williamsport woman returning home for lunch on Wednesday afternoon was confronted by her homeless former boyfriend who “grabbed her by her shoulders” and began wrestling with her as he he held a roll of duct tape in his hand, borough police said.

As Stacy L. Truhlar struggled to break free of Alford Lee Clement’s hold on her, the woman saw an open folding knife on the floor, police were told.

Truhlar believed the knife fell out of the 46-year-old man’s hand as the two struggled with one another on the floor at 490 Winthrop St. about 12:10 p.m., police said.

The woman desperately tried to get Clement off her. She screamed and began kicking and hitting him, Sgt. James Taylor said in an affidavit. Somehow, Truhlar managed to get one hand free so she could dial 911.

Officers were at the house within minutes, but by then Clement had fled in his 2001 Dodge Stratus.

Taylor said Clement, who had stalked the woman at least twice since she kicked him out of the house in late July, allegedly broke into the property through a back door and waited for Truhlar until she came home.

“Clement knew the time that Truhlar routinely came home from work for lunch,” Taylor said.

Within 30 minutes after the attack, Williamsport police took Clement into custody without incident at Wegmans at 201 William St. after receiving information that he might be there.

“I wanted closure on the relationship. That’s all I wanted,” Clement told a district judge hours later during his arraignment on felony and misdemeanor charges.

Taylor said when Clement was arrested at the supermarket, “he had in his possession the knife used in the assault. He also was intoxicated.”

After he was advised of his Miranda rights, Clement “admitted that he had not lived at the victim’s home for a couple of months. He admitted to entering her house (on Wednesday) to confront her about their former relationship,” Taylor said, adding that the woman had told Clement earlier “not to have any contact with her in any way.”

Shortly before 6 p.m., Clement was brought before District Judge Gary A. Whiteman to face charges of burglary, felony trespassing, stalking, simple assault and harassment.

“He repeatedly showed up at the woman’s home after she told him to leave her alone and told him not to come to her house,” Taylor said of Clement.

Clement told Whiteman that he returned here last week and had been “sleeping in his car.”

Clement said he battled with an addiction to alcohol.

“I’ve been sober for a long time, except for today,” he said.

Taylor told Whiteman that on a preliminary breath test, Clement had a suspected blood-alcohol content level of .24.

The judge told Clement he saw “a definite pattern of escalation” in his behavior toward Truhlar that raised “extreme concern for her safety.”

The judge went on to say “Duct tape, a knife. … this is no way to bring about closure.” Clement was committed to the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $250,000 bail.