Alleged drug dealer busted

City police working as part of a special operations group stopped a man who allegedly delivered 18 bags or two bundles of heroin to a woman in the 300 block of Rural Avenue Wednesday, according to a city police affidavit.

Kevin Kalief Sampson, 26, of 713 Elmira St., has been charged with delivery of heroin, possession of the narcotic and illegal use of a cellphone, according to city Patrolman Joshua Bell.

It was about 3:45 p.m., when police officers in the unmarked car spotted a sedan driven by a woman pick up a man, Bell said. The vehicle was followed and police watched as a man got out at the intersection of Center and Louisa streets. Police said they recognized the man as Sampson, but didn’t say how they knew his identity.

Another marked police car stopped the car driven by the woman in the 400 block of Washington Boulevard. The woman driver pulled out drugs and drug paraphernalia in a candy mint container She informed police she made a call using a cell phone to get 20 bags of heroin. Sampson was then picked up and had $160 on him and a cell phone that allegedly rang and connected him with the driver, police said.

Arraigned before District Judge James G. Carn, Sampson was committed to the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $35,000 bail.