Charges filed against getaway driver

Conspiracy charges have been filed against 37-year-old Anthony M. Rudinski for his alleged involvement as the getaway driver in a robbery and home invasion that occurred on Rose Street in the city back in mid-December 2011.

Rudinski, of 309 Main St., South Williamsport, faces five counts of conspiracy that were recently filed against county Detective Stephen J. Sorage.

In court papers, investigators allege that Rudinski drove Kaiyim Boyce, 27, and Hyson E. Frederick to the home and waited outside in his vehicle while the two robbed and terrorized a couple on the night of Dec. 11.

Investigators said the threesome went to the house looking for drugs and guns only to realize that they had targeted the wrong property.

Following a three-day trial last week in which Rudinski testified as a prosecution witness, Fredrick, 36, was convicted of robbery, burglary and other related charges stemming from the home invasion.

He is now awaiting sentencing as is Boyce, formerly of Hawthorne Avenue, Williamsport, who has already pleaded guilty in the case.

In addition to the conspiracy charges, Rudinski was arrested in September on 16 counts of possession of child pornography that were filed by the state Attorney General’s Office. Initially committed to the Lycoming County Prison, he is free on $100,000 bail.