Father sentenced for trying to take son’s DUI rap

A father who tried to take the rap for his allegedly drunk-driving son recently was sentenced to 48 hours to six months in county prison and 50 hours community service for hindering apprehension, according to documents filed in the county courthouse.

Charles Richard Reynolds Sr., 45, of 74 Ikes Drive, Brady Township, told his son, Charles Richard Reynolds Jr., 21, of West Milton, to tell police that the father was driving following a crash in Clinton Township on Feb. 28, witnesses told police.

The son allegedly had a blood alcohol content of .11 when his pickup truck collided with a car driven by Samuel W. Harer II in front of Harer’s home in the 700 block of Pinchtown Road, according to police. Harer heard the father say he “was going to take the rap” for the crash, police said.

The father, a passenger in the vehicle, told investigators that he had been driving the truck at the time of the crash, according to police. The son, who police described as “very loud and foul-mouthed,” was worried because he was “already in trouble for a previous driving under the influence offense,” according to an affadavit.

Preliminary breath tests revealed that both men had been drinking alcoholic beverages, according to police.

The father entered a guilty plea on Aug. 12. The son awaits trial on charges of DUI and unsworn falsification to authorities, according to court documents.