Man accused of forging prescription

Howard A. Hill, 57, of Philadelphia, faces charges for allegedly presenting a fraudulent prescription to area pharmacies for filling, court papers said.

On Nov. 23, Hill allegedly entered the Rite Aid pharmacy, 14 Fifth St., and tried to have a prescription filled for 120 oxycodone pills, according to city police.

The Rite Aid pharmacist that day already had been alerted to Hill by a pharmacist from Wegmans, where Hill had allegedly tried to have the same prescription filled some time before. The pharmacist refused to fill the prescription when Hill could not provide identification that matched the name on the prescription. She also noticed that the phone number of the doctor listed on the prescription was not correct, court documents alleged.

Hill has been committed to Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $50,000 bail on charges of forgery and criminal attempt. He will appear before District Judge Allen P. Page III on Dec. 5 for a preliminary hearing.