Landlord-tenant incident alleged

After a judge ruled in late March that 34-year-old Brittany Allyson Fish owed her landlord more than $1,200 in back rent, a constable levied some of the woman’s personal possessions because she was unable to pay the amount that was due, according to county Chief Detective William Weber.

The constable levied a flatscreen television set, some furniture and appliances that totaled the amount Fish owned her landlord, Francis Hugo, Weber said.

The belongings were expected to be sold and the proceeds turned over to Hugo, but before the constable held the sale, Fish moved from 1547 Northway Road, taking with her the possessions that had been levied, Weber explained.

Weber confronted Fish at her place of employment in mid-September, telling her that she to pay the amount due or she would face a misdemeanor charge of defrauding a secured creditor.

Fish, now living at 815 Wildwood Blvd., said she “had no money to pay the judgment because she had to pay off an attorney” who represented her in a DUI case, Weber said.

The investigator charged Fish in late October. Following her recent arraignment before District Judge Gary A. Whiteman, she was released on $2,500 bail.