5 sentenced in Tioga County

WELLSBORO – Five people were sentenced to Tioga County Court Monday.

According to court documents, sentenced to county prison time were:

Patrick W. A. Tracz Jr., 27, of Mansfield, 9 months in jail for theft, credit for 94 days time served, probation, $200 fine.

Samantha J. Hitman, 23, of Lindley, N.Y., 6 months in jail for theft, probation, $150 fine.

Nicholas J. Foust, 22, of Union City, 72 hours in jail for DUI, credit for one day served, probation, two days electronic monitoring, $1000 fine, 12 months driver’s license suspension.

Sentenced to probation were:

Britt W. Brewster, 46, of Knoxville, 15 months for recklessly endangering another person, $100 fine.

Sentenced to Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition were:

Terrell D. Davis, 24, of Wellsboro, 12 months for DUI, 60 days driver’s license suspension.