4 charged following alleged bathtub beating

MANSFIELD – Four people were charged by borough police following he allegedly assaulted another man in a bathtub recently.

According to documents filed at District Judge James Carlson’s office, on March 8 Phillip E. Jennings, 24, of 177 Saint Mary St., Blossburg, went to the 105 Meadow St. residence of Tyler Stettler, believing his girlfriend was with Stettler.

Jennings was accompanied by five other men, three of whom also were charged in the incident.

They are Justin D. Auwarter, 22, and Christian L. Sharrock, 21, both of 76 S. Academy St., and Dalton D. DeLosa, 21, of 70 E. Elmira St.

Police said Jennings kicked the door in, after knocking and not getting an answer, and then ran down the hallway, followed by all five others.

Jennings allegedly grabbed Stettler, who was exiting the bathroom, and pushed him into the bathtub, and then held him down while repeatedly striking his face and body with a closed fist, his elbow and foot, causing significant swelling, bruising and contusions.

Friends of Stettler say when they attempted to help him, they were prevented from doing so by the five others, who they say blocked them from entering the residence.

After running outside to find his girlfriend, police say Jennings then ran back inside and continued beating Stettler, and also pushed a pregnant friend of Stettler’s onto the couch before he left the residence with the others.

Jennings was charged with simple assault, unlawful restraint and criminal trespass and jailed in lieu of $10,000 bail.

His preliminary hearing was set for March 26.

Auwarter, DeLosa and Sharrock each were charged with disorderly conduct and released on $2,500 bail each.

Their preliminary hearings also were set for March 26.