New charges against robbery city suspect for armed home invasions

A Lycoming County Prison inmate awaiting trial for robbing a Pizza Hut manager in January faces a set of new charges for allegedly committing two home invasions at a residence on Andrews Place in early December, according to city police Agent Leonard A. Dincher.

Marcus Walker, 20, was taken from the jail this week and charged with two counts each of robbery, burglary, theft, receiving stolen property, felony trespassing, simple assault, terroristic threats and conspiracy.

Dincher alleges that sometime overnight Dec 1, Walker walked into a woman’s home and robbed her of a lock box that contained $130 to $200 in cash and two ounces of marijuana. A “script bottle” with the woman’s name on it also was stolen, the agent said.

Two other men were with Walker when the robbery occurred, Dincher said. One of the men pulled out a handgun, investigators were told.

Seven days later, Walker, again with two other men, returned to the woman’s home in the 1600 block of Andrews Place and this time “kicked in the front door,” Dincher alleged in an affidavit.

“The robbers threatened to have a gun, but never showed one,” Dincher said. The woman reported that her wallet, her access card, her cell phone and several identification cards were stolen, Dincher said.

The victim never reported the first robbery until last week because marijuana was among the items stolen, Dincher said. When she was shown a photo array of possible suspects, the woman identified Walker as “an individual who allegedly did the two home invasions at her house,” Dincher said.

Following his arraignment before District Judge James Carn, Walker, of 2344 W. Fourth St., was recommitted in lieu of an additional $250,000 bail.

He has been incarcerated since Jan. 21 when he was jailed on a probation violation. He was arraigned the next day on state police charges of allegedly robbing the night manager of Pizza Hut, 1729 E. Third St., shortly after closing on Jan. 17.

When police executed a search warrant at Walker’s apartment on Jan. 21, they recovered items that they learned just last week were actually taken in the first home invasion on Andrews Place, Dincher said.

Casey Nathan Wilson, 17, of Hughesville, has also been charged and jailed for allegedly participating in the armed robbery at the pizza business.