5 accused of DUIs in county

Five motorists have been charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants or controlled substances. Those charged and the police department involved were:

Charlie L. Coleman, 19, of 5809 Route 14 Highway, Trout Run; Old Lycoming Township police in the 2700 block of Route 15 on Feb. 26.

James P. Dailey, 44, of 2020 Hayes Lane; Old Lycoming Township police in the 2000 block of Lycoming Creek Road on Feb. 25; his second DUI offense.

Amy S. Schmidt, 44, of 1157 California Road, Westfield; state police following a crash on Route 15 in Lewis Township on Feb. 18; her second DUI offense.

James R. Young, 21, of 1312 Scott St.; Montoursville police at Interstate 180 near Wal-Mart on Jan. 18.

Alexander C. Irvin, 20, of Columbus, N.J.; state police at Broad Street and Reading Lane in Montoursville on Dec. 4.