5 people sentenced in County Court

Five people were sentenced this week in Lycoming County Court.

According to court documents, sentenced to state prison were:

Jose M. Marshall, 21, of 1062 Huling Road, Woodward Township, 12 to 36 months and $100 court costs for possession with intent to deliver heroin.

Sherry E. Lee, 42, of Cogan Station, six months to two years consecutive for retail theft prior sentence of two to seven years for retail theft.

Pamela H. Dehass, 43, of Centre Hall, three months to a year for possession of a controlled substance.

Sentenced to County Prison was:

Deanna M. Siddle, 50, of 2349 Linn St., 72 hours in prison followed by a year of intermediate punishment, a $2,000 fine and 75 hours of community service for driving while under the influence of intoxicants.

Sentenced to probation was:

Robert G. Sawyer, 26, of 1314 Dewey Ave., six months, a $300 fine and 50 hours community service for disorderly conduct.