Courtroom comments get man new charges

As he was about to be arraigned on theft charges, Ty Keith Nickens told Old Lycoming Township police Cpl. Morris Sponhouse that he was going to make the officer’s life “a living hell.”

“Is that a threat,” Sponhouse asked the 22-year-old man in District Judge James H. Sortman’s hearing room on Lycoming Creek Road.

“No, it’s a promise,” Nickens, an Old Lycoming Township resident, replied.

This brief exchange between Nickens, 22, of 16 Pine Grove Circle, and Sponhouse took place on the afternoon of April 30 when Nickens was being arraigned on theft-related charges.

In the court room, Nickens claimed that Sponhouse “had it out for him” and that he had been “harassing him since he was 8 years old.”

He also said that the charges were “bogus” and that he was “going to beat them.”

The theft charges against Nickens were in fact withdrawn this week, but he found himself once again before Sortman on Wednesday when he was arraigned on charges of terroristic threats and harassment for the alleged remarks he made last week to the officer.

He was committed to the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $5,000 bail.