Police: Man attempted to sell stolen gun back to owner

WELLSBORO – Robbie S. Bellinger, 43, of 2841 Hills Creek Road, was charged by state police with receiving stolen property after he allegedly gave a stolen rifle to another man as collateral for a loan.

According to documents filed at District Judge Rob Repard’s office, Bellinger offered the 1903 Carl Gustafs Stads 6.5mm rifle to Edward A. Buck as collateral for a $140 cash loan on March 20.

Buck showed the rifle to a friend who came to his house on April 14.

That friend, Jon Merlin Benner, said the rifle was his, and that he knew it was his because he built the stock for it.

Benner said his son, Benjamin, who was staying at the house, had used it the weekend of March 16 to go coyote hunting, and that he was on vacation the week it was used by Bellinger for collateral.

Benjamin Benner allegedly told police that he had put the gun in the house when he was done hunting and that the house usually is left unlocked, even when he goes to work three days a week in New York state.

Bellinger was released on $10,000 bail his preliminary hearing set for May 13.