Woman charged with making up story about assault, robbery

WELLSBORO – Awbri K. Kilburn, 28, of 4067 Cherry Flats Road, Covington, was charged by borough police with false reports after she and a friend went drinking and one of them fell and hurt herself.

According to documents at District Judge Rob Repard’s office, Kilburn and Melanie Baney went to a bar on Feb. 16, where they were turned away due to intoxication, police said.

While walking to Baney’s residence at 59 East Ave., they decided to report a robbery and assault had occurred when it had not, police said.

They allegedly told police that Baney’s teeth were broken during the assault.

Police went to the bar where they had been. Witnesses said, after being refused more drinks, Baney had gone into the ladies room, fell and hit her face on the floor, resulting in her top two teeth being broken off.

The teeth were recovered by witnesses and given to police.

Kilburn was issued a summons for a May 20 preliminary hearing.