Man robs motorist at traffic light

A 56-year-old city man was arrested and jailed on charges of allegedly robbing a woman in her car while she was stopped at a traffic light at West Fourth and Campbell streets about 10:30 p.m. on June 6, according to city police.

Kenneth Dale Burrage, of 638 Sixth Ave., approached Heather Cohick’s stopped vehicle and first asked the woman for money and then demanded money, Agent Raymond O. Kontz III alleged in an affidavit.

The woman saw the man holding something in his hand, but couldn’t make out what it was, Kontz said police were told. She feared it was a gun.

“I gave him the money because I didn’t want to get shot,” Cohick said.

The bandit grabbed the woman’s wallet and fled, Kontz said said.

A few days later, Cohick identified Burrage as the alleged robber after picking the man’s picture out of a photo array of possible suspects that police showed her, Kontz said.

Charged with robbery, simple assault, recklessly endangering, theft and receiving stolen property, Burrage was arraigned late Thursday night before District Judge Gary A. Whiteman and committed to the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $50,000 bail.