Twice-convicted shoplifter accused for 3rd time, jailed

When two-time convicted shoplifter Wendy Kay Kranz walked out of District Judge Gary A. Whiteman’s hearing room late Monday afternoon. the 42-year-old mother of two buried her face in her handcuffed hands and sobbed.

Moments earlier, Kranz, who city police said was caught allegedly trying to steal a $5 box of garbage bags at the Family Dollar, 1221 W. Fourth Street, about 3 p.m., seemed dumbfounded when Whiteman set her bail at $5,000 bail.

“So, I’m going to jail,” she asked.

“You’re going to jail,” Whiteman told Krantz, who was not able to post the amount ordered by the judge.

Krantz, of 527 Eighth Ave., was convicted of shoplifting in 2010 and again in 2012, police said.