Man accused of assaulting minor with hunting knife

WELLSBORO – Scott A. Perciful, 18, of 71st Street, was charged with simple assault with a deadly weapon, harassment and disorderly conduct after allegedly following a group of girls on June 28 and confronting them with a knife at The Green.

The four girls were walking in Packer Park when they noticed they were being followed by Perciful and told him to leave them alone, but he continued to follow them, borough police said.

They noticed him again while eating at a fast-food restaurant and left, police said.

One of the girls called Perciful and told him to stop following them, police said. In the process, she gave away their location. Perciful encountered the girls at The Green and pulled out a fixed-blade hunting knife, police said.

The man began to walk away but then turned around and attempted to slash the throat of one of the girls, who suffered a cut on her hand, police said.

The victim, age 15, was treated at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital.

When police caught up with Perciful at his mother’s home, the man admitted to his actions and surrendered his knife, police said.

Perciful was sent a summons for a preliminary hearing before District Judge Robert Repard.