Police: Patient used heroin

A Williamsport Regional Medical Center patient has been arrested on drug charges after city police discovered in her room two bags of heroin and 12 hypodermic needles in her purse, according to court records.

Ann M. Frankhouser, 43, of 1106 Hill Alley, Jersey Shore, was being treated for a hip replacement on May 2 when a nurse walked into her sixth-floor room and saw a needle inserted in her thigh, Patrolman Justin Ottaviano said in an affidavit.

Ottaviano was called to the hospital, and when he arrived, the staff told him that Frankhouser was caught with drugs at the hospital several months ago when she was a patient.

Frankhouser denied having any drugs or paraphernalia, but then the officer noticed an unzipped purse underneath the patient with a needle sticking out. When he looked into the purse, he saw the bags of heroin and several needles.

Frankhouser, who has since been discharged, was arraigned Thursday before District Judge Allen P. Page III and returned to the Lycoming County Prison after bail was set at $2,500. She is jailed on another matter, but a prison staff member said Friday night she was prohibited from releasing any details.