Tioga County sentences

Thirteen people were sentenced recently at the Tioga County Court House.

One man was sentenced to county prison. He is:

Jesse Vanskiver, 90 days to six months with credit for time served, $1,500 fine and 18 months driver’s license suspension for DUI

Two were sentenced to intermediate punishment. They are:

Philip E. Jennings, 24, of Blossburg, four months in prison with credit for time served, four years and eight months probation and $100 fine for trespassing, unlawful restraint and simple assault.

Christopher Price, nine months prison with work release/community service, four years and three months probation and $200 fine for corruption.

Five were sentenced to probation. They are:

Scott H. Jellison, 46, of Corning, N.Y., 18 months, $150 fine and $1,531.49 restitution for simple assault.

Erica M. Davis, 30, of Jasper, N.Y., 12 months and $100 fine for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Joseph S. Harzinski, 55, of Mansfield, 24 months for retail theft.

Ryan D. Flynn, 30, of Lawrenceville, 12 months and a $150 fine for aggravated assault, terroristic threats, simple assault, resisting arrest and physical harassment.

Jason A. Kline, 30, of Wellsboro, 12 months and $150 fine for simple assault, damaging property and physical harassment.

Three were approved Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition. They are:

Luis A. Rivera, 22, of Gap, 12 months and 60 day driver’s license suspension for DUI and resisting arrest.

William E Ens II, 28, of Wellsboro, 12 months probation and 60 days driver’s license suspension for DUI, drug possession and careless driving.

Henry P. Hillman, 26, of Alexandria, VA, nine months for DUI and speeding.

Two were fined. They are:

Justin K. Burkholder, 28, of Wellsboro, $1500 restitutions and $100 fine for damaging property.

James L. Jenkins, 23, of Elmira, N.Y., $245.43 restitutions and $100 fine for simple assault, disorderly conduct and physical harassment.