Tioga County police and court

Man faces attempted theft charge

MANSFIELD – Clifford Allen Hurd Jr., 25, of 354 Baker St., Corning, New York, was accused of trespassing and attempted theft after he was stopped by police and identified by alleged victim Christopher Alan Vanderwall on Aug. 21.

According to court documents, Hurd and another person, who was not identified in the affidavit, allegedly entered the 1461 Route 660 home of Nina McCarthy while her boyfriend, Vanderwall, slept but fled when she screamed.

The alleged intruders got into a vehicle and drove away, but not before Vanderwall noted the make of the vehicle and a rust spot on the driver’s side.

The vehicle was stopped by state police at the intersection of Route 660 and Route 2005, and Vanderwall was brought to the scene, where he identified Hurd’s car as the one that fled his girlfriend’s residence.

Hurd was arrested and bail is set at $25,000.

His preliminary hearing will take place Sept. 27 in front of District Judge James E. Carlson.

Theft by deception alleged

MANSFIELD -Elwin Lee Makley Jr., 35, of 2435 Welch Mountain Road in Covington, was arrested and charged with theft by deception and writing a bad check on Aug. 15, according to court documents.

Allegedly, Makley used a check from a closed account to purchase a $21 case of Busch Light beer at Northern Tier Beverage, 133 N. Main St., on May 14.

Brian Alexander, who served Makley, filed a report on May 16. The check was issued from First Citizens Community Bank at 15 S. Main St. The account was under the name Kevin Martin, the name that Makley signed on the check, according to the arresting officer.

The accused will appear in front of District Judge James E. Carlson for his preliminary hearing Sept. 17.

Man accused of pipe theft

MANSFIELD – David Michael Perla, 20, of 37 Chestnut St., Arnot, is accused of stealing pipe fittings and plate steel from Edward Signor’s construction yard at 30 Poplar St., Arnot, on Aug. 11.

According to court documents, Kevin Franck, the owner of Riverside Recycling in Covington, showed state police Trooper Derrick Watters security videos of Perla dropping off Signor’s property there.

When Watters arrested Perla, he admitted to stealing the pipe fittings from the construction yard, claiming they had been there for years and Signor wouldn’t notice them missing, according to the officer.

Perla is charged with theft by unlawful taking and criminal trespassing. He will appear in front of District Judge James E. Carlson for his preliminary hearing Sept. 17.

Tresspassing charge filed

WELLSBORO – Jeffrey John Mann, of 21 Grant St., is accused of trespassing at the Subway restaurant on Main Street.

According to court documents, on Aug. 22, he accused entered the restaurant but was informed he was trespassing and asked to leave the premises. At that point, according to employees, Mann started scaring staff and patrons and refused to leave.

Mann was detained and a bail of $2,500 was posted. The accused is scheduled to appear before District Judge Robert L. Repard for his preliminary hearing on Sept. 2 to face a charge of defiant trespass.

Tioga County police and court

Indecent assault alleged of area man

WELLSBORO – Douglas E Tracy, 61, 29 West Country Living Park, was accused of indecent assault after a coworker told police he overheard Tracy talking about fondling a 17-year-old girl.

Tracy was arraigned on Aug. 1 and released on $10,000 bail. A county hearing is set for Sept. 15.

Falsifying report to buy firearm alleged

GAINES – Two men have been charged in separate cases for allegedly giving false information while purchasing firearms, according to court documents at the office of District Judge Robert Repard.

Wayne E Smith, 57, 1240 Lehman Hollow Road, Ulysses, allegedly denied being convicted of a crime when attempting to buy a handgun from Ziggy’s Gun Shop in Gaines.

After his arraignment, Smith was released on $10,000 bail. He waived his preliminary hearing and a formal arraignment was set for Aug. 18.

In another case involving the same business, Robert E Burdick, 60, of 9754 Letonia Road, also denied having been convicted when he tried to buy a rifle, police said.

Burdick has been sent a summons for a preliminary hearing on Sept. 2.

Police: Woman forged medical excuse

WELLSBORO – Police were called into the Rock L Butler Middle School on July 2 to investigate potentially fraudulent medical excuses given by Leslie Louise Kaiser, 35, 80 Heartwood Lane, Apartment 3, Greenwood Gardens.

Kaiser allegedly said she printed nine of the excuses from a website to explain her child’s absence from school.

The excuses appeared to come from Guthrie Medical Clinic when they did not, police said.

Kaiser was sent a summons for a preliminary hearing before District Judge Robert Repard on Sept. 2.

Man accused of theft, faces hearing

WELLSBORO – Skyler Austin, 27, 3054 Princeton Street, was accused of theft from a motor vehicle after Joella Shaffer, who knows Austin from High School, spotted him rummaging through her car while she was purchasing fireworks, according to police here.

After being spotted, Austin allegedly fled the scene, running toward the trailer park where he lives.

Austin’s preliminary hearing is scheduled before District Judge Robert Repard on Sept. 16.