Woman accused of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest

WELLSBORO – Marylyn Marie Flowers, 33, of 81 Hartwood Lane, Apt. 2, is accused of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after engaging in a fight with another female Tuesday.

Patrolmen Samuel Delosa and Derek Hartman arrived at 37 East Ave. to assist with a property exchange that evening.

According to Delosa, Flowers was upset with her ex-boyfriend, Robert Voss, and his new girlfriend when they arrived. The accused said she wanted to fight them and when police advised her not to, she allegedly fled the scene and ran to 9 Bache St.

According to court documents, Flowers entered the residence uninvited and began fighting the resident. When she refused to desist, Hartman and Delosa attempted to restrain and arrest her. This is when, allegedly, Flowers resisted arrest, fighting the officers on an elevated stairway, risking them bodily harm.

The accused was arrested and bail was posted at $2,500, which Flowers paid and was released.

Flowers’ preliminary hearing in front of District Judge Robert L. Repard is Sept. 16.