Man charged with arson and child endangerment

MANSFIELD – Michael A. Campbell, 23, of 427 Troy St., Canton, was charged by state police with arson, endangering the welfare of children and criminal mischief after he allegedly lit a pile of discarded furniture on fire at 84 McCracken Road on Sept. 24.

According to documents filed at District Judge James Carlson’s office, Campbell went to the address with two other people to pick up an air conditioner. While there, police said, he got a brown paper bag and a lighter from his vehicle, picked up his 9-month-old son in his arms and went to a driveway where some furniture was piled and set it on fire with the lighter and bag.

He then put the boy down and returned to his vehicle before fleeing.

The fire quickly engulfed the furniture and spread through the woods.

After making sure the baby was safe, his mother, Cassandra Castle, attempted to extinguish the fire before escaping up the bank and away from the flames.

She then called 911, which brought Canton Fire Department to the scene to extinguish the fire.

Campbell was jailed in lieu of $25,000 bail and his preliminary hearing set for Feb. 10.