Divorces granted

Judges in Lycoming County recently granted the following divorces:

Lauren Jimenez and Witer Jimenez

Joshua T. Kreisher and Ashley B. Null-Kreisher

Suzanne Nolan and Michael Nolan

Tamar J. Bussard and Harry Woodring

Robert McKenzie and Celina McKenzie

Eric B. Derr and Christy E. Derr

Mark Hampton and Melissa Hampton

Linda Harry and Craig Harry

David L. Rovenolt and Lisa Rovenolt

Erica L. Bryan and Ira N. Bryan

Bryan A. Kinsley and Mary J. Kinsley

Dawn C. Bennett and Richard W. Bennett

Timothy Greenabaum and Jennifer Greenabaum

Cassandra Smith and John T. Smith

Herbert D. Dorley and Linda M. Dorley

Westly J. Welliver and Debra J. Welliver

Tracey Chapman and Serena Chapman

Shannon L. Montgomery McDermott and Michael E. McDermott

Shannon Ambercrombie and Ryan Enders

Karen L. Wright and Ronald G. Wright

Christopher T. Hann and Kathryn L. Hann

Timothy W. Ulmer and Tammy L. Ulmer

Erica Dincher and Michael Dincher

Amy Wirtner and John A. Kuri II

Ryan Mundrick and Patsy Mundrick

Thomas James Ritter and Teresa Louise Ritter