Divorces are granted

Judges in Lycoming County recently granted the following divorces:

• Angela R. Hamm and Carl W. Hamm

• Ethan L. Propst and Howard J. Propst

• Brian K. Hakes and Nancy Hakes

• Ronnie W. McLaughlin and April A. McLaughlin

• Kimberly Lamey and Jay Lamey

• Kent Bunting and Deborah Stoppello

• Tina Rieghard and Joseph Reighard

• Joshua S. Rogers and Meggan Rogers

• Liberty G. Smith and Thomas B. Smith II

• Holly Shull and Conrad Shull

• Rosanna W. English and Andrew G. English

•  Sean Ecker and Julie Ecker

• Richard Hughes and Elizabeth Hughes

• Brandon P. Howey and Sharon E. Anderson

• Sean E. O’Bryan and Samantha O’Bryan

• Audra Beth Rohrer and Christopher Andrew Rohrer

• Matthew L. Yonkin and Denice M. Yonkin

• Steve Staib and Jessica Lynn Staib

• Raymond Eckard and Heather H. Eckard

• Curtis J. Armstrong and Lizabeth A. Armstrong

• Daniel Derr and Kathy Derr

• Drew A. Tompkins and Monique R. Tompkins

• Sarah R. Grassmyer and Jordan M. Grassmyer

• Christine L. Kinney and John M. Kinney