Police: Intoxicated man trespasses into living room, threatens ER nurses

A city man faces a number of charges for a string of incidents that began when he was found in a stranger’s home on Sept. 9.

Police responded to a residence around 6 p.m. on Wildwood Boulevard for a report of a fight, according to a city police affidavit.

According to the resident, Paul Latsch, he was cooking dinner when he heard someone in his living room.

Joseph Malign Martin, 23, of 1233 Isabella Court, was allegedly sitting at the table using his cellphone, police said.

Latsch told police that he demanded the stranger leave his house, but Martin didn’t listen.

Latsch then forced the man out of the house through the front door, police said.

Martin left, but allegedly returned to the home shortly after being thrown out, police said.

The two men started to fight and Latsch’s TV fell from the stand and onto the floor.

Latsch told police that during the fight, he reached for the DVD player, the first thing he could find, and hit Martin with it.

The fight moved to the front porch and Martin ran south down Wildwood Boulevard, police said.

Police located Martin at the corner of Wildwood Boulevard and Park Avenue where he looked visibly intoxicated — unable to stand on his own or keep his eyes open, according to the affidavit.

Martin did admit to being in Latsch’s home earlier that night and to being on probation, police said.

Martin was ‘very unresponsive’ when he was brought to Williamsport Regional Medical Center to be treated for the wound he received from the fight with Latsch, police said.

After failed attempts to wake him, a doctor gave him Narcan.

As Martin grew more responsive, he became more aggressive toward hospital staff, police said.

When two nurses requested a sample of Martin’s urine, he allegedly began urinating on the wall and the floor while yelling and swearing loudly, police said.

Police restrained him after he tried tearing out the IV in his arm.

After being restrained he told the nurses, “I will shoot and kill you if I see you on the street,” police said.

Martin faces charges of criminal trespass, defiant trespass, terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, harassment and public intoxication.

He is scheduled to be formally arraigned in Lycoming County Court on Nov. 28.