Man lost memory, reunited with family

JERSEY SHORE — With the help of a local television station, a 54-year-old Muncy man who did not know his name or anything about his situation was reunited with family members at Jersey Shore Hospital late Thursday afternoon, according to Tiadaghton Valley Regional police Sgt. Brian Fioretti.

The man, identified as Michael Gebhart, told investigators he “woke up on the deck” of a property near the Rails-to-Trails Thursday morning, but had no idea how he got there. The property was near Route 44 in Watson Township.

A motorist picked him up along Route 44 and dropped him off at the Thomas Street exit in the borough. When the driver asked him who he was, he could only say “I don’t know who I am,” Fioretti said police were told.

The man walked into the nearby Uni-Mart and told an employee “I don’t know who I am. I need to get to a hospital,” the officer said. From there, another person gave the man a ride to the Jersey Shore Hospital. Once there, the hospital alerted police.

“He had no idea who he was. He didn’t know his date of birth, what he was doing, nothing,” Fioretti said, adding police were called just after 8 a.m. It appeared to be a case of amnesia, he said. Gebhart was not carrying any identification on him.

The officer contacted WNEP, which broadcast the story at noon and also put it out on its website. The story also included a photo taken of the man at the hospital. The information also was circulated in the Muncy area after investigators were told that the man may have been from that part of the county.

A family member saw the story and photo on WNEP’s broadcast and responded to the hospital with other relatives where they confirmed Gebhart’s identity for authorities, Fioretti said. The individual was admitted overnight to the hospital for further tests, he added.

“This had a good ending,” Fioretti said.

Gebhart had a hunting cabin near Canton, and investigators were looking into the possibility that he may have walked from there to Watson Township. Family members had no any contact with him for several weeks and were planning to file a missing person report when one of them saw Gebhart’s picture on the broadcast, Fioretti said.