Adult, 3 juveniles arrested for shoplifting allegations

Officers arrested three minors and an adult for stealing over $300 in merchandise from two Lycoming Mall stores on Monday only to be alerted the next day that the alleged thieves had tried to leave with much more.

Dareesha A. Brooks-Alston, 19, of 819 Louisa St., was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit retail theft and retail theft on Monday after she and three minors were detained by police, according to the affidavit.

Muncy Borough police officer Christopher McKibben responded to the scene after Brooks-Alston and two minors had been seen stuffing $269 worth of merchandise in a backpack in Burlington Coat Factory.

The suspects dropped the bag after they noticed that an individual in the store had been following them. Inside the backpack was $357 worth of stolen merchandise from Burlington and Sears.

The suspects then ran to an adjacent parking lot where they met up with another minor and were arrested by McKibben.

The next day, a Lycoming Mall employee called the police and alerted them that they had found a purple backpack from Sears containing $853 worth of merchandise behind an exterior wall outside of the mall that the suspects had also tried to steal, the affidavit said.