Driver charged after high-speed chase, crash

A routine traffic stop by police turned into a 100-mph chase Sunday night, ending with a vehicle crashing into a nearby building.

At 9:55 p.m., city patrol Officer Tyson Minier pulled over a silver Acura driven by Tyrell Langford, of Philadelphia, for a turn signal violation, careless driving and window tint on his car.

After Langford parked his car and Minier exited his unmarked cruiser to speak with him, Langford’s car rolled forward while Minier yelled at him to stop, police said. Langford than accelerated east on Washington Boulevard.

In the car with Langford was a passenger who later told police that Langford was smoking marijuana and, during the chase, the passenger had asked Langford to stop the car and let him out, to which Langford allegedly replied, “I got this,” police reported.

Minier immediately pursued the vehicle in his cruiser as Langford turned south on Grove Street, passing a stop sign at the intersection of Grove Street and East Third Street.

During the pursuit, Langford allegedly passed multiple stop signs and accelerated past vehicles over double yellow-lined roads. Langford drove west on Washington Boulevard and accelerated to 100 mph, police said. Minier then stopped pursuing the vehicle.

Langford crashed the vehicle into a building at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Almond Street and ran on foot to a nearby residence, where he offered the residents money to let him inside, police said.

The residents of the home told him they would not allow him inside and, after viewing Minier from the yard of the building, Langford allegedly began to run again. Minier continued to pursue Langford on foot and took him into custody a half block away.

Langford was charged with fleeing police, DUI, false imprisonment, unlawful restraint, criminal mischief, accidents involving damage to attended vehicle or property, reckless driving and duties at a stop sign.