State prison for 18-year-old who bit, threatened to kill young girl

An 18-year-old is heading to state prison for assaulting a juvenile girl, threatening her with a knife and biting her face after she tried to escape the car in which he was keeping her, according to court records.

Chase H. Lynch, now 18, was 17 when he was charged as an adult for the serious offenses, including two felonies.

Lynch, of 81 Broad St., Montgomery, will serve one to three years in a state prison for a violent string of assaults that happened on a morning in early November of 2016.

After picking up the young girl in his car, Lynch started hitting her in the head and face. He also threatened her with a knife, police said.

“If I want to, I’ll kill you right now,” Lynch told the girl.

While driving, Lynch hit her several times before he drove into a cornfield near State Home Road in Clinton Township.

When the girl tried to get out of his car near Brouse Road, police said Lynch pulled her back into the vehicle and started biting her face.

Lynch was arrested at his home and charged with aggravated and simple assault, unlawful restraint, terroristic threats, criminal mischief and harassment.

He pleaded guilty last week and was sentenced for a charge of unlawful restraint of a minor.